Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Through Out The Years

Panglao, an island in Bohol, had been a great paradise for my family. Every summer we use to go there to relax and get rid of the stress here in the city.

Last summer, after almost three years, I finally went to Panglao for a vacation. While still on the road a flashback of my childhood memories visited my wandering mind. I remembered the years when my tatay (my grandfather) was still alive. The thought of him brings tears to my eyes for I am one of his favorite grandchild.

I really enjoy every vacation in Panglao. The sands are as white as the sands in Boracay. Staying under the sun in the beach is been a very breath-taking part of my life. I wont mind if my complexion would be as dark as chocolate.

One afternoon, my nanay (grandmother) decided to go to the cementery.  Its been three years since the last time i visited my tatay's tomb. Together with my cousin, we accompanied our nanay in going to the cementery. After we lighted candles and prayed in my tatay's tomb my nanay decided to tour us in the town plaza near the church. It was just a walking distance from the cementery.

I brought a camera with me and I took pictures there at the plaza. When we passed through the church, my attention was captured by a towering object. It was the old bell tower (kampanaryo) of the church. The scenery was amazing. Due to my curiosity I asked so much about the bell tower to my nanay.

According to her, the bell tower was made by the Spaniards during their colonization in Panglao. Because of its age, the bell tower is no longer used. It is for the purpose of preserving it. During the early years of my tatay, his childhood, he was one of the lucky persons to stoop their feet in the highest part of the tower.

My nanay is a Cebuano and by the time she and my tatay settled in Panglao the bell tower was no longer in use.

My grandparents really love each other. During Sundays, after attending mass, they would sat on a bench in the plaza and watch the bell tower. They would talk about their past and compare it to the present. They would also plan their future together. My nanay said that by watching the bell tower, for them, it's something that gives them the courage to be strong. Like the bell tower which remained standing through out the decades.
The bell tower in Panglao, Bohol

I find it very romantic!!!

I quickly took a picture of the tower before going home. So that I could have a souvenir in my vacation and memory of the love between my grandparents.

The tower motivated me to be strong in life. That whatever problems may arrive I must stand strong in facing them.